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Providing managed support services for EWOV’s newly implemented complaints management system

Providing managed support services for EWOV’s new system.

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Brooke’s client, the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria (EWOV), resolves complaints
about electricity, gas and water companies. Brooke partnered with EWOV to modernise their
complaints management system and enhance the interactions between staff and customers, to
ensure its team could continue to serve the needs of the community now and into the future.

The Solution

Brooke worked in partnership with EWOV to establish a bespoke managed support plan that
would best meet their needs, from a day-to-day and a budget perspective.

A flexible approach was required, with a plan developed to incorporate both proactive and
reactive support, along with a bespoke training program to build and improve EWOV’s capability
in managing their system.

For day-to-day requirements, Brooke works with EWOV collaboratively to prioritise requests
received and ensure they are always extracting the highest business value from budget spend,
rather than just being transactional. Issues raised are discussed to determine what are critical or
important incidents, and what are immediate or future enhancements, ensuring both Brooke and
EWOV are always working on the highest business priority to deliver highest value.

Whilst EWOV can undertake easy, basic administrative tasks, Brooke focuses on teaching staff to be
better administrators, and working on more complex issues.

Meaningful Results

Key outcomes achieved in this bespoke managed services agreement include:
• Internal upskilling through training and teamwork to learn [learning on the job]
• Internal management of simple tasks, a board and tickets
• Assessment against the Salesforce seasonal upgrades

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