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Three Billion Dollars and Forty Years

Brooke’s client, a Government Enterprise, describes how they rapidly transformed their engagement model within a narrow window of opportunity.

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Brooke’s client describes the experience in the following case study.

Our organisation had been evolving with regulatory changes, but our relationships with Industry suppliers had fallen behind. Everyone was working towards different goals, and we had a heavy reliance on an overseas supply chain for support. If we left it unfixed, our supplier contracts would expire within 9 months, and our $3bn asset would visibly fail to deliver.

We were forced to ask, “how do we engage differently with Industry to deliver necessary whole-of-life outcomes for the asset, but make these changes rapidly and without service interruption?”

So, with help, we worked with the end users and Industry to establish an integrated enterprise for the assets, underpinned by an outcome-focused, performance-based contracting arrangement that incentivised Industry to deliver a shared outcome with us.

Firstly, we defined what success would look like for the enterprise. This was then reflected in our contracting documentation to support an innovative and rapid twostage approach to market: We were transparent about our gaps so that we could get the best suggestions from the market, and then we released a finalised request for proposals. This procurement approach and speed was something our organisation had not done before.

After finding the right Industry partner, we mutually developed an integrated enterprise operating model. It eliminated organisational silos, and encouraged a culture of collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. This integration and holistic design involved end-to-end workflows, integrated workforce and culture, and a shared governance, performance and risk management framework. This change impacted the entire organisation from Senior Executives to those at the delivery level. Significant stakeholder engagement and management was required to facilitate stakeholder buy in, and ensure the sustainability of the changes to our project schedule.

Some key benefits and results delivered included:

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