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Rapidly improving the way teachers register and comply with the VIT

The VIT sought to transform its business to improve trust among its stakeholders, keep pace with the increasing regulatory burden and remain financially viable.

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Rapidly improving the way teachers register and comply with the VIT.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is the state regulator of teachers whose purpose is to regulate for a highly qualified, proficient and reputable teaching profession.

The Problem

The VIT faced issues related to its reputation, regulatory ability and long-term financial viability; it was hampered by manual processes and disjointed systems that were costly, inefficient and error prone. It needed an IT system that would provide a single source of truth; however previous attempts had failed and existing systems required significant investments of time and money to maintain even baseline capability. The VIT partnered with Brooke to think differently about solving the problem for good.

Thinking Differently

Brooke’s fresh perspectives and wide-ranging experience revealed that the VIT’s problem required a holistic business transformation to solve, rather than an isolated technology “lift and shift”. With Brooke’s support, the VIT defined the business outcome required and set about reimagining teacher registration through a business-led transformation to rebuild stakeholder relationships and identify the right IT platform to support the VIT into the future. Brooke’s design experts collaborated with VIT staff to rapidly transform core processes and develop the base functional IT requirements. This informed the design and delivery approach, laying the foundations for a successful business transformation outcome using the Salesforce platform, with its enterprise architecture enabled through MuleSoft

Meaningful Results

The robust program governance established early in the project enabled the two year collaborative project to be delivered on time and on budget without missing a single milestone, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The VIT realised significant operational efficiency gains from its business transformation almost
immediately, which has had positive impacts on its capability and capacity to meet its future challenges,
as well as on customer satisfaction and staff engagement levels.

The Strategic Partnership between Brooke and the VIT was critical to the project’s success, with equal
ownership and determination from Brooke and the VIT to deliver the outcome. The success realised has
delivered significant benefits for the VIT and the broader Victorian teaching community and positions
the regulator to face its future challenges and assure a safer environment for Victorians children in early
childhood settings, and primary and secondary schools.

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