Thinking differently a huge success at IACCM Conference

Brooke was recently called upon to present our unique methodology at the IACCM Conference in Sydney and demonstrate how important thinking differently is to solving today’s fast changing and complex problems. In this blog Brooke consultant Nic Coleman summarises the key insights explored over three days of interactive workshops.

In an increasingly connected and interdependent world, the scale and complexity of the problems we face are fast out-growing our ability to respond.

Brooke has identified that there are two key drivers of complexity in procurement and contracting: uncertainty and intricacy.

While organisations are better at handling intricacy (the number of “moving parts” that need to be managed) most organisations fail to address uncertainty directly.

Instead they try to incorporate all possible eventualities into the contract, an approach that often leads to failure.

As Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

It is time to think differently about how you manage uncertainty in your contracts.

Eliminating uncertainty as the root cause of contract failure

You can reduce your contract failure rates by shifting your focus to building capabilities within and between contracting parties to collaborate and solve problems when they arise.

Our ShiftRPS rapid problem-solving lab at the IACCM conference demonstrated how effective it is to think differently and develop innovative approaches to the management of uncertainty.

The workshops showed clear evidence of ways to improve outcomes by:

  • Collaborating to get to a shared outcome
  • Using creative problem solving and co-generation
  • Focusing on implementation

If you missed out keep an eye out for the ShiftRPS at future events, or contact @Michael Scott to learn more on 02 8221 8885 or