The Brooke Podcast 001: How to get your Business Transformation RIGHT the first time with MuleSoft & Brooke

Will Bosma, VP Japan at MuleSoft catches up with Bruce McGregor to discuss ‘How to get your Business Transformation RIGHT the first time’.  Join us as we talk about:

  • Why the subject of digital transformation has become so important in the last five years and what some of Will’s biggest insights have been since he opened up MuleSoft APAC
  • The “Convergence Economy” where companies are coming together to provide a part of the process / customer experience on an agile basis and what Will thinks this can deliver in terms of a better service experience out to customers
  • The societal benefits of being able to execute business in a much more seamless way (with health care as an example) and the importance of moving from a ‘reactive’  to a ‘proactive’ customer experience
Quotes from Will Bosma:

“We see today, the average enterprise has close to 1,000 applications.”
“API’s have become the way businesses talk to each other.”
“You’ve got to choose a different way to compete now and that’s why I think API’s and the whole API economy has become so important because it now becomes the way you compete.”
“Your own business can become a platform for others and people can now innovate and utilise your platform in those convergent processes we talked about but they can also build on top of your platform to create new experiences.”

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