Reactive or Proactive – which world do you live in?

A digital business transformation conversation between a VP and a Managing Partner centred in APAC

The consequences of not taking 32 minutes to listen to this casual-but-informative conversation could be continuing to spend at least an hour a day guessing and second-guessing which path to take to achieve your business goals. You do the math.

Will Bosma, Mulesoft VP APAC, and Bruce McGregor, Brooke Managing Partner, touch on digital transformation, convergence economy, and societal benefits  – real impactful outcomes to individuals.

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Key discussion points include:

  • Why the subject of digital transformation has become so important in the last five years and what some of Will’s biggest insights have been since he opened up MuleSoft APAC
  • The “Convergence Economy” where companies are coming together to provide a part of the process / customer experience on an agile basis and what Will thinks this can deliver in terms of a better service experience out to customers
  • The societal benefits of being able to execute business in a much more seamless way (with health care as an example) and the importance of moving from a ‘reactive’  to a ‘proactive’ customer experience
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