Brooke, from its inception, has been a values-driven organisation. Our values drive everything we do, guiding all our strategy, development and vision.

We not I

We stand on a belief that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person, one team, or one company. Within our own team and community, we approach our all work with good intentions. The Brooke team is committed to supporting each other through challenges and growth.

Results focused

We always start at the end and we mean literally ‘the end’. We believe that absolute clarity of the outcome is critical to create meaningful results at a fast pace.

Expect challenging questions. Why are doing, what you are doing? What you think your plan will help you achieve? How will you know you have achieved your goals?

Family and wellness first

Your family and wellness are always prioritised, there is nothing more important. If you are sick, if someone is getting married, if there is an urgent family need – we will insist you drop everything and take care of your family and your health above all else.

Jeroen Bolluijt

Impact Acceleration

“Brooke quickly defines your desired impact. We then blueprint your strategy, getting you on the right path to create meaningful results.”

John Mannix

Employee Experience

John is an expert in the transformation of enterprise operations, designing and implementing digital workflows to improve operations and benefit employees

Bruce McGregor

Digital Transformation

“We work with our customers to solve their digital transformation challenges through focusing on the business-led measures of success. We don’t treat Digital as an IT-only rip and replace.”

Joel McDonald

Reform and Transformation

Joel is an expert in the delivery of digital transformation and continuous improvement in the public sector. He is recognised for his work creating and implementing effective and sustainable digital change for government in Australia and overseas.

Emma Klemm

Change and Project Management Specialist

“Brookes values align to mine relating to meaningful results for patient experience, my job is to align our services to health industry needs.”

Geoff Brown

Government Industry

“We want people to share in a vision and build strong momentum for change. We want to move fast and solve the right problems.”

Sophie Andrew

Contract Management

“Brooke gets you working together, creating solutions collaboratively to ensure your organisation reaches potential and maintains long-term success’”

Brenton Perry

Human Experience

“We love helping organisations do their best work. We want them to unlock their potential. We want them to be proud and live their best lives. “

Lester Doecke

Strategic thinking and complex organisational reform

Lester’s charismatic leadership style, combined with his exceptional strategic thinking and design skills, allow him to effectively articulate a visionary and realistic end-state, whilst remaining mindful of the activities necessary to achieve the outcome.

Sarah Galbraith

Change and Project Management Specialist

Sarah is an expert in people optimisation, corporate strategy realisation and operations management. She is a change and project management specialist, with significant experience in driving business transformation programs in services businesses.



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