Brooke, from its inception, has been a values-driven organisation. Our values drive everything we do, guiding all our strategy, development and vision.

People First

We believe that the world’s greatest challenges can only be solved when people collaborate and stick together when things get tough. We start with empathy, nurture differences and are intentional always. Expect us to ask about your preferred way of working and how we can work best together.

We see the whole person and believe work-life balance is more than a statement. Expect people to ask how you are and be interested in the answer.

Results Focused

We always start at the end because we believe that absolute clarity of the outcome is critical to creating meaningful, purpose driven results quickly.

Expect challenging questions: What are you trying to achieve? How will you know you have achieved the outcome? How do you know it is the right goal to aim for?

Straight Talk

Life is confusing enough, so we don’t need to add to it with complicated or obscure language. At Brooke, we value candid and respectful discussions. We stand for truth and honesty in every situation, no matter how difficult it can be. We are fans of simple, direct language. Expect short, to the point conversations and practical solutions to complex problems, with a no-nonsense, can do attitude.


The most important page for us and for you!  When you strip it all back, Brooke is a collection of marvellous people and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with them.

The people shown here are just some of the talented specialists at Brooke who are dedicated to helping us deliver meaningful impact for our clients.



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