Global business experts with real-world experience

Brooke isn’t your typical management consultancy. Brooke was established by a group of business executives who could see that innovation, technology and a fast-paced environment has led to more complexity and uncertainty in business, where gut feel or conventional consulting no longer works.

Brooke formed around a common vision: to help organisations manage the most complex business problems through real-world solutions and an evidence-based methodology. Brooke draws on robust data from its research partner, Brooke Institute, turning insights into actions to deliver results faster, and with greater impact across an enterprise. In today’s digital economy, evidence-based and data-driven approaches are the only way to combat complex problems with confidence and certainty.

We have built a company that is:

  • Your trusted partner. We overcome complex challenges through collaboration. We’re about you. We take the time to understand your business intimately and work in partnership to identify your key objectives and the underlying issues you face.
  • Driven to deliver excellence. We’re relentless in our pursuit for excellence. It’s at the core of every partnership we enter and every task we undertake. We draw on our people and partner, ‘Brooke Institute’, to master projects and contract excellence in a complex world.
  • Dedicated to leading thinking. We’re redefining consulting – what it means and how it is done. We have engineered an approach that clients find refreshingly different, with innovative ideas backed by research and data.
  • Determined to build capability through science. We’re scientific and robust and have formulated a unique methodology that turns data into insights with greater confidence, certainty and predictability.
  • A culture that celebrates success. Delivering outcomes is one thing, but results also need to be measured, communicated, sustained and celebrated. We help organisations create a culture that is geared to embracing and celebrating the new way of doing things.