Our consultative model to solving your problems

Brooke is a recognised leader in mastering the most complex challenges organisations face globally. We’re unquestionably a top-tier partner for organisations wanting to be the best in their industry.

How do we do this?

We don’t do this through a “cookie-cutter” approach. Instead we draw the tools and techniques appropriate to your problem from our extensive armoury and apply them through the BROOKE 5 stage approach:

  1. Diagnose the Problem: We first focus on understanding your organisation and the distinctive nature of your problem. We identify root causes through detailed review and analysis of how things actually work, not how they should.
  2. Define Success:Every business is different and has different goals. We help you to define what success would look like in your business, which might not always be so obvious. We define success in terms of the measurable business results you need.
  3. Design Solutions: We then utilise the brightest minds and work across all business elements to design a solution that will be integrated and enduring. This includes processes, technology, governance, controls, people and cultural elements. In particular, our expertise in human factors distinguishes our solutions. Rather than treating people as an afterthought or as flawed robots, we utlilise proven behavioural models to understand the links between attitude and behaviour in the workplace. We put people at the centre of our solutions, which is why our solutions work. We always consider a range of solutions and work with you to find the best option in terms of costs, risks and rewards.
  4. Test and Validate: We move our solutions into the real world as quickly as possible to test, develop and prove them under controlled conditions. This avoids “paralysis by analysis” and endless conceptual debates. We are pragmatic, not precious. If an aspect of the solution design doesn’t work in practice we will change it until it does. We ensure the solution works before your organisation commits to it.
  5. Activate and Embed: You and your organisation have been involved along the whole journey to date and together we have built capability and readiness along the way. The activation strategy and plan has been developed in parallel with the solution design and now takes the organisation on a phased change journey in which each phase is a complete and holistic step towards the end state solution. The solution is embedded when it has become the new norm and the business results are on target.