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Client confidence wins infrastructure project

Brooke assists rail infrastructure consortium in giving State Government client justified confidence it can meet the timelines in multi-billion dollar tender.

Canberra and Sydney-based senior management consultants and partners sought

Canberra and Sydney-based senior management consultants and partners are sought to join a global entrepreneurial group enjoying considerable growth.

Why projects fail

Project failures are more prevalent and more persistent than you might think. In fact, published project failures are only the tip of the iceberg!

Six common outsourcing mistakes

Most organisations expect outsourcing to deliver a range of benefits, but industry statistics show that outsourcing deals can fail to deliver.

Relational contracting

Traditional approaches to contracting and the attendant supplier management methods have failed to address issues associated with managing complexity.

Brooke leading way on risk and assurance globally

To drive business value while minimising risk, management consulting firm Brooke are changing the status quo, implementing streamlined risk and assurance frameworks for local and international businesses.

How coordinated recovery enabled our client to deliver a $2.2b project on time

Major acquisition projects require close collaboration between supplier and buyer. However, in the case of our client’s $2.2b project, trust had broken down, putting the ability of our client to meet its stakeholder obligations at risk….

Trading in traditions: transforming the Navy

An effective management operating solution, underpinned by collaborative behaviour internally and across the supply chain, helps break the mould of a very traditional approach to maintenance in the Australian Navy.

How development of Business Analysis capability resulted in better deployment of resources

To raise the standard of Business Analysis through the development of competency standards and competency levels, and their associated assessment tools and certification processes….

How an Asia/Pacific government client improved their capability to respond to emergencies

The objective was to give this Asia/Pacific region government options to improve the capacity and capability of the health services across the country to respond to serious and unusual emergencies….

How a government client saved $10m in 6 months through improved strategic planning

A government Industry Reform Program sought to improve strategic planning and its derivation of priorities for investing in new capability through the long term, Industry Capability Plan….

Measuring Project Complexity

Most large projects are complex systems of systems themselves or effect changes to complex systems of systems or both. Project complexity is therefore a rich research field, but has yet to develop a generally-accepted industry standard that enables practitioners to utilise current knowledge….