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How development of Business Analysis capability resulted in better deployment of resources

To raise the standard of Business Analysis through the development of competency standards and competency levels, and their associated assessment tools and certification processes….

How an Asia/Pacific government client improved their capability to respond to emergencies

The objective was to give this Asia/Pacific region government options to improve the capacity and capability of the health services across the country to respond to serious and unusual emergencies….

How a government client saved $10m in 6 months through improved strategic planning

A government Industry Reform Program sought to improve strategic planning and its derivation of priorities for investing in new capability through the long term, Industry Capability Plan….

Measuring Project Complexity

Most large projects are complex systems of systems themselves or effect changes to complex systems of systems or both. Project complexity is therefore a rich research field, but has yet to develop a generally-accepted industry standard that enables practitioners to utilise current knowledge….

Brooke selected to assist Netherlands’ largest reclamation projection: Port of Rotterdam

Brooke has been selected to conduct an organisational maturity assessment for Maasvlakte 2, a world-class reclamation project for the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The project is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in the Netherlands. Port of Rotterdam ranks…

Sydney Water appoints Brooke to drive capability boost

Sydney Water has appointed Brooke to lead the implementation of their new capability model. Brooke will draw upon its established capability model framework to affect an enterprise-wide shift in Sydney Water’s work culture. Sydney Water provides water services to more than 4.6 million people…

How a leading finance sector client increased sales conversion rates and reduced the cost per sale

Our client was seeking to transform their business and shift consumer behaviour to purchasing products online….

Brooke extends global reach into Netherlands

Brooke is extending its global reach into the Netherlands, opening its first overseas office in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam office will help to lift Brooke’s global standing as a leading professional services firm and accelerate the growth of the business in Europe.

Framing Measures for Accountability in Complex Enterprises

To consider the question of whether or not a complex enterprise is achieving its best possible performance, a system of measures helps a CEO to reach into her enterprise to understand how well it and its parts are performing in the real world….

How applying taxonomy enabled our client to optimise its materiel delivery services

Our client was facing budget pressures and reduced resources to support an increasing workload from their ageing platforms and significant new acquisitions….

Collaborative Planning – The Connective Tissue for Enterprise Systems Engineering

Complex enterprises face a common challenge of developing alignment and adaptability as symbiotic emergent properties of high performance….

How a government client improved capital investment decision-making

The objective was to improve this government department’s organic capabilities for evidence-based decision making on capability investments….