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Reactive or Proactive – which world do you live in?

PODCAST: A digital business transformation conversation between a VP and a Managing Partner centred in APAC.

2/5 must-avoid mistakes for business survival: issue banking

Every organisation has a backlog of issues that they avoid addressing, but side-stepping problems only slows us down. Especially in times of crisis.

Curing black swan blindness to move from survival to success

Carl Heise offers fresh thinking on how to overcome Black Swan blindness and propel your business forward in the face of COVID-19.

1/5 must-avoid mistakes for business survival: knee-jerking

In times of crisis and unprecedented change it is critical to take swift action, but also to avoid “knee-jerk” reactions.

Avoiding problem-overwhelm in the time of COVID-19

Carl Heise pulls out pen, paper and post-it-notes to pin complex problems to the wall.

Don’t wait for the “return to normal” that will never come

While the business world is waits to see what will happen post-COVID-19, Carl Heise mounts a case for immediate action.

How to run successful workshops remotely in these uncertain times

Carl Heise identifies key challenges to effective work-from-home workshops and how Brooke is overcoming them.

Governance in the time of coronavirus

Geoffrey Brown OAM examines the implications of large-scale disasters for governance and business continuity.

Will email be your project’s silent assassin?

Carl Heise discusses how email kills change and transformation projects that fail to secure alignment early.

Exponential growth and the art of challenge statements

The first of four blogs by Brooke Co-Founder Jeroen Bolluijt answering his most frequently asked question: how to achieve exponential growth.

Why department heads are ill-equipped to deliver ongoing reform

“Department heads are drinking from a fire hydrant…”: Geoffrey Brown OAM looks at the biggest barriers to ongoing reform and the best way to tackle them.

Love your shiny new app, no longer need your service

If we are solely focused on innovating ways to use technology to become more efficient, we forget to evolve what we are offering.