How our recommendations enabled our client to improve program management


The Smart Sustainment Reform Program was established by a key supply chain provider to reduce the underlying cost of Materiel Sustainment by $6bn over a 10-year period. We were asked to review the Program of work and if required recommend changes to program governance.


Smart Sustainment encompassed all divisions of the DMO and covered a program of work consisting of 320 significant programs and another 800 projects.


The team consisted of Commonwealth representatives and consultants. The project was separated in to 3 phases:

  • Investigation Phase:
  1. Interview all the key stakeholders
  2. Review in detailed results achieved to date
  3. Review the whole portfolio of 300 programs by creating an assessment tool to compare their performance against an international database containing like programs
  4. Deep dives on 30 programs of work
  • Recommendation Phase:
  1. Indicated current performance compared to targets
    Identified the core issues causing the under-performance
  2. Recommended significant changes to their PMO and governance processes.
  • Implementation Phase:
  1. A new PMO was established with improved governance processes.
  2. New business ownership of the reform.

The Smart Sustainment Reform Program is an ambitious, extremely complex reform program. After the review and reset, the program significantly rationalised the number of activities and improved the reporting and support of major programs.

The program remains on track to deliver the majority of sustainment cost savings.