How a government client saved $10m in 6 months through improved strategic planning


A government Industry Reform Program sought to improve strategic planning and its derivation of priorities for investing in new capability through the long term, Industry Capability Plan.


The scope of the task involved designing and testing a new methodology for stakeholder structure prioritisation and guiding this key department in its implementation of the new approach.


Brooke applied a five-phase approach:

  • Build ownership with Industry Stakeholders and their Senior management group of the principles to achieve systemic understanding and improvement
  • Rapid prototype and development of a new methodology embodying the principles
  • Testing the methodology by directly engaging the two key stakeholder groups
  • Developing a more robust methodology based on lessons learned and;
  • Rolling out a systems approach to strategy and execution within this government stakeholder group

Three main outcomes were derived:

  • Industry-embedded scenario-based planning to its strategic planning and capability development processes was introduced
  • Stakeholder options testing was established as a means of evaluating proposed
  • Departmental capability investments against the future scenarios
  • A systems analysis methodology was articulated to ensure that Departmental capability plans was evidence-based

The systems approach to strategic planning introduced through this period changed the way the Department conducted strategic planning to being more inclusive across the major outputs groups, whereas previously it was the province of a small select group in the organisation’s headquarters. This reduced the “warring” nature of the stakeholder “tribes” when it came to capability investments. It also improved the basis for communication with government on investment decisions.

  • Collaborative planning process saved $10m in the first 6-months by stopping work that would lead to little benefit
  • Reduced the workforce in one platform by 30%

Critically more informed and improved business decisions are being made for the entire Stakeholder group.