How a government client improved capital investment decision-making


To improve this government department’s organic capabilities for evidence-based decision making on capability investments.


In three successive phases, the scope addressed:

  • A needs analysis for a stakeholder joint decision centre
  • An assessment of the methods and tools to support evidence-based decision-making
  • The design, development, system procurement and integration, build, test and demonstrate the stakeholder joint decision centre capabilities

In Phase 1, the approach involved engagement with a wide range of stakeholders across department executives with accountabilities for strategy, concepts, capability development, capital investments, research and experimentation and policy development.

In Phase 2, the approach involved research globally on best practices in evidence based decision making, methodologies and tools support. Using an expert group to apply approved criteria to formulate recommendations on a technical and soft systems approach.

In Phase 3, a joint venture of six firms (who usually compete with each other) was created to complete the design, development and installation of an initial operating capability for the stakeholder joint decision centre. Brooke Institute consultants also led the design, development, rehearsal and delivery of a demonstration of the stakeholder joint decision centre’s capabilities to bring people and technology together to explore complex scenario outcomes. The demonstration was delivered to the then senior executive of the organisation.


The stakeholder joint decision centre is used to support a wide variety of decision-making evaluations, including supporting industry-wide structure reviews and White Papers for the government, in addition to a wide range of smaller, limited objective investigations and experiments.

The department has a decision support environment to bring stakeholders together to resolve competition for priorities and money. It also improves the department’s capacity for evidence-based decision making.