Our expertise in business and digital transformation supports organisations achieve their business strategy.

We thrive on delivering real results for our clients, from operating model re-design and organisational restructures to complex systems integration and digital transformation.

Our clients benefit from our collaborative approach and desire to build capability into their business to sustain their transformation.


Digital Transformation

Brooke is a trusted partner of Salesforce having designed and delivered large scale digital transformation programs across Government and the Public Sector. Our depth and breadth of experience means we understand the challenges our clients face such as the integration needs of multiple or legacy systems, and digital enablement of systems and processes.

We take a human centred design approach to problem placing where front-line service teams and end user customers drive the solution. We collaborate with our clients and co-design outcomes that lead to an experience both parties can trust to deliver on their needs.

Our Public Sector clients benefit from our Salesforce expertise to achieve the best results from the Public Sector Solution [PSS] platform.  With a unique data model designed specifically for this sector, coupled with the speed of using pre-configured capabilities, the Public Sector Solution delivers affordable, rapid results that all stakeholders in the process can trust.

Our Salesforce implementation experience includes:

  • Customer facing portals (Experience Cloud, previously Community Cloud)
  • Service orientated consoles (Service Cloud)
  • Sales and Relationship orientated consoles (Sales Cloud)
  • Engaging and compelling communications and marketing (Marketing Cloud)
  • Solution Architecture Design
  • Education Data Architecture
  • AppExchange Partners
  • Salesforce DX (CI/CD)
  • Proofs of Concept (PoCs)
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)


Digital Transformation

ServiceNow is a secure, intuitive and modern Software as a Service (SaaS) platform capable of solving a wide range of business problems. Through ServiceNow, your organisation and its stakeholders will gain access to an industry-leading platform capable of managing internal and external workflows, including:

  • Customer service – contact centre, knowledge management, issue management and portals
  • Risk management – policy compliance, audits and vendor risks
  • Field service – asset management, maintenance and cost management
  • IT services – incidents, problems, security, monitoring, outages, assets and devices
  • Corporate services – Facilities, HR, Legal, Marketing
  • Project management and delivery

ServiceNow exists to make work better for people. The Brooke team has extensive experience delivering great outcomes quickly for government on ServiceNow.


Digital Transformation

We understand how a well-planned integration strategy can unlock the full benefit of undertaking digital transformation.  

Our integration approach is underpinned by our partnership with MuleSoft, working with the latest technology and products to realise benefits for our clients faster. We collaborate with MuleSoft to solve the complex integration challenges our public sector clients face, to unlock compelling digital service experiences for them, and their customers.   

We can work with you to develop your digital strategy, design your integrations and API’s, to then implement the solution, and provide you tailored managed support services post implementation.  

Leveraging the benefits of Hyperautomation, where a layer of advanced technology is added to automation making it possible to do more with the technology, we can rapidly identify, vet and then automate numerous business and IT processes simultaneously. We do this through use of multiple technologies, products, tools and platforms, including: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning
  • Event driven software architecture
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Business process management (BPM) and intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS)
  • Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)
  • Low-code/no-code tools
  • Packaged software
  • Other types of decision, process and task automation tools

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Digital Transformation

Our Managed Support services offering helps our clients meet the needs of an always-on and ever-changing digital world.

We currently deliver Managed Support services for a range of Government and private sector clients.

Our dedicated team can provide full support of your system, or we can undertake customized training to build capability in your team to ultimately self-manage your Salesforce or MuleSoft operating environments.

The traditional way of providing IT and product support is to wait until a problem surfaces and then fix it. At Brooke we’ve created a new approach to managing Salesforce that minimises the potential for problems to arise in the first place, and gets them resolved quickly if and when they do.

We can tailor support services based on your needs, with our standard offering including:

  • Access to a dedicated team of specialist functional and technical consultants who know your environment,
  • Ability to conduct customised training based on your specific needs to enable skills transfer to your team,
  • Help with product releases to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Salesforce or MuleSoft investment,
  • Access to a dedicated Service Delivery Manager to manage Brooke and client resources, and provide strategic monthly reports.

Irrespective of the package you decide on,  we will set you up with your own company branded self-services portal and provide you access to our service desk.  You will also be assigned either an account manager or engagement director and technical business analyst to support you.


Business Strategy

You need an operating model that delivers the right customer and employee experience, aligns to your strategy and supports you to achieve your financial targets. Clearly this doesn’t happen by accident, yet the operating models of many organisations are the result of years of tinkering, patching and making do, rather than any deliberate design.

Sooner or later most organisations come to realise that their operating models have become so complex and unwieldy that any further incremental improvement is impossible.

That’s when they turn to Brooke, to help them to fundamentally rethink what they do. Our proven design process is rapid and creative, but pragmatic, and we work collaboratively with you to co-create the future design that your organisation needs to succeed.

This is a holistic operating model design that integrates processes, people, organisation design and governance, culture, controls, IT and infrastructure. But we don’t just stop at design.

We also have deep expertise in guiding organisations through the change journey required to move from the current operating model to the future one, and our relentless focus on business outcomes means that you get better results faster.

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Business Strategy

Strong commercial partnerships have never been more critical or important to the day-to-day functioning of society. Traditional approaches to contracting and supplier management methods are failing to address issues associated with managing complexity and risk. In increasingly complex internal and external operating environments, strong commercial foundations, processes and relationships are critical to achieving business outcomes.

Our approach to helping organisations enhance their commercial performance focusses on the use of contracts and commercial mechanisms to drive increased value and outcomes for your organisation. We offer a range of solutions across the procurement and contract life cycles to make sure your commercial arrangements are delivering the outcomes your organisation needs to be successful.

Our contract and commercial management solutions include:

  • Collaborative contracting resets, remediations and set up for success
  • Commercial strategy
  • Contract management
  • Procurement strategy
  • Contract design
  • Contract assurance
  • Contract complexity assessments

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Business Strategy

All organisations need to manage risk, but for many this is more an act of faith based on compliance rituals than a rigorously managed foundation for success. Risks exist when there is uncertainty with respect to outcomes.

Brooke’s approach to risk management creates certainty that begins with developing outcome metrics, targets and measurement systems to create a “closed loop” evidence-based outcome assurance capability.

We help our clients identify potential loss of control points in the achievement of the outcome and develop both preventative controls and mitigating controls, so that the breadth and depth of these controls aligns with the organisation’s risk appetite.

When you need help to better understand, monitor and manage your organisational risks, Brooke can assist you with:

  • Program and project health checks and resets
  • Corporate risk and compliance reviews
  • Regulatory framework review, design and implementation
  • Risk and outcome measurement systems for feedback and assurance

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