Public and Private sector are all looking for evidence that their investment is creating a more sustainable and inclusive economy,  meeting the basic needs of all. It’s a social challenge, but also enormous business opportunity.

Through our unique SHIFT, rapid problem-solving lab,  Brooke quickly defines your desired impact. We then blueprint your strategy, getting you quickly on the path to growth and meaningful results.

Brooke has teamed up with leading software platforms, creating amazing experiences for government agencies, NGOs and businesses – to implement first class services and scale their reach and social impact.

Responding to changing market conditions, customer requests, staff demands, and maximising supplier relationships is never easy. Especially now, change is relentless and business-as-usual isn’t even on the horizon. Brooke is an outcome-focused team that has been handpicked from government, banking, health, HR and retail backgrounds with deep experience in delivering complex business and digital change.   Brooke specialise in transformation of why, what and how of effective and efficient ways to make a difference.

We design and manage large-scale, social and economic change initiatives, and delivering on-time and on-budget is a given.

No organisation exists in isolation. We all operate within a complex network of people, cultures, processes, and individual interests. Brooke gets you working together, creating solutions collaboratively to ensure your organisation reaches potential and maintains long-term success.


We need to increase efficiency and ultimately scale back our workforce. How can Brooke help us do this, without risking business performance and compliance?

We know we need to identify the next steps, whether its organisational change or new services. How can Brooke help us take the right steps, as we don’t get a second chance at this?

We want our employees engaged in transformation, we believe it’s vital to our success. How can Brooke help our staff to attain meaningful results?

I’m not sure what are the right problems we need to solve, to transform our organisation. How can Brooke shift our thinking to create the right solutions, to the right problems?

Effective transformation can be confronting for staff and feel risky for business. How can Brooke help us “land safely on the other side” with a design-led process?

Our business relies on customer satisfaction, we want to deliver our services at speed. How can Brooke facilitate our customer involvement in our organisational redesign?

I need to improve our relationship with suppliers and increase procurement value. How can Brooke help us integrate new processes within existing systems?

I need to get our leadership team collaborating, I need our goals across the organisation to align. How can Brooke facilitate this, to achieve fast results and meaningful change?

I need to decrease the risk of my digital transformation of becoming another failed IT project. How can Brooke help me achieve this?

I need a partner to provide me access to a range of consumable software packages that can be implemented at lower cost and lower risk to prove a capability. How can Brooke help me achieve this?

I have a higher sense of urgency to reduce the “time taken to realise value” through innovative, agile approaches to software development that solves a business need. How can Brooke help me achieve this?

I need an Australian-owned Salesforce partner who will help me enable the software to achieve great advances in my business operating model and my organisation service experience. How can Brooke help me achieve this?



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