Innovative management consultancy firm Brooke is broadening business capabilities with the appointment of John Mannix, an expert in enterprise, digital transformation and ServiceNow.

The move will see Brooke’s suite of digital transformation capabilities expand to include ServiceNow, a cloud-based workflow automation platform, Brooke now covers customer and employee experience.

Brooke’s head of Strategic Thinking and Complex Organisational Reform Lester Doecke, says the inclusion of the ServiceNow platform improves client outcomes, particularly in the Government and Justice sectors.

“ServiceNow provides a reputable capability in accelerated delivery and digital transformation, efficiently and intuitively. John will leverage his extensive experience in transformation utilising ServiceNow to bring about meaningful results for clients.” Lester says.

When transforming your organisation or enterprise John says, you’ve got to change the way you do things based on your future operating model, at the same time as digitising.

“If organisations simply ‘lift and shift’ their current methods onto a digital platform you’re not going to achieve your outcomes. It’s about changing process at the same time as digitisation,” John says.

Leading transformation and improvement programs across a wide range of industries, John has turned data into insights and delivered enterprise solutions which integrate with existing systems and processes to embed efficiencies, enhance collaboration and accelerate holistic service solutions.

John has worked with multiple government organisations including NSW Police Force and Transport of NSW where he delivered business transformation programs, delivering efficiencies and enhancing the employee experience.

With John’s focus on governance, risk and compliance, contract management, service integration and asset management, Brooke’s expanded capabilities will see the ServiceNow platform embedded into process efficiencies, further delivering cost savings and encouraging enterprise collaboration.

We welcome John to Brooke.

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