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Optimising industry partnerships and recalibrating the workforce to deliver better asset management outcomes.

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Brooke’s Government client was undertaking significant reform to enhance their organisational performance by optimising their supplier relationships across their enterprise that consisted of more than 70 business units, each with their own unique assets and industry partners.

The Problem

Our client wanted to shift their role in these business units from being involved in the delivery and active management of the assets, to more of a “govern and assure” role that focused on increasing industry participation. This would enable them to get more value from their supplier relationships and re-align their workforce to the new strategy.

Thinking Differently

We worked with our client across all their business units, to identify their current state supplier strategies and arrangements, including a desktop review of contracts with their industry partners. Following this, we conducted interviews with key client personnel to understand how the industry partnerships were tracking against business outcomes, and what potential improvements could be made.

Using Brooke’s multi-dimensional contract methodology, we were able to identify the key focus areas that had the potential to enhance and optimise existing industry partnerships, beyond just the traditional “risk-based” approach. This allowed our client and all the business units we worked with, to develop fit for purpose supplier engagement models that were consistent with the overall organisational and business outcomes, but also enhance their industry partnership and deliver the assets and capabilities that they needed to their customers.

Doing Differently

We worked with each business unit to calibrate their optimal supplier engagement strategies and implementation plans. These plans formed the basis of the future organisational designs for each business unit, based on the boundaries of the arrangements with industry partners. The designs and plans were presented to enable stakeholders to easily compare similar business units with peers and produce a consolidated view of the client organisation that represented all the business units together – this enabled us to help our clients identify systemic issues, risks and opportunities for further efficiencies at a strategic level within the organisation.

Meaningful Results

Our Client, and each of the business units within the enterprise, were able to optimise their performance by understanding what made them effective and then organise their operations and the enterprise to deliver this as efficiently as possible. We helped our client identify 25% of their current activities were either not required or ineffective in helping them to deliver capability or manage their assets. By having a consolidated current and future view of the organisation, combined with the ability forecast future resourcing requirements, our Client was equipped to strategically plan ahead, quantify the impacts when circumstances changed, and make evidence-based decisions.

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