Collaborating for success in a dynamic environment

The Problem

Brooke’s government client was experiencing significant difficulty in managing a key outsourced contract involving multiple domestic stakeholders and overseas governments. The contract was coming to an end and the service provider had signaled they would not seek an extension or participate in future RFT processes for the contract. This meant that the services would need to transition to a new service provider, however the relationship had deteriorated so much that there was little hope for a smooth transition. Traditional, adversarial approaches to the managing the contract had failed to resolve the issues.

Meaningful Results

By working together to jointly define success in their context, Brooke’s client and their service provider were able to agree a “performance baseline” in the form of a behavioural charter addressing key pain points and symptoms, enabling better and more timely decision making and pro-active risk management. This charter defined the characteristics of good communication and set joint expectations, allowing the breakdown to be turned into a breakthrough. This provided our client with justified confidence that the outcomes of the contract would be achieved, as well as the capability to apply the learnings from the breakdown in this relationship to future supplier relationships. It also ensured they were able to set up their future relationships for success from the outset.



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