Client confidence wins infrastructure project

A rail infrastructure consortium bidding for a multi-billion dollar contract approached Brooke to assist with providing the State Government client with justified confidence that it could meet the aggressive timelines set out in its tender.

Liaising with the three large companies who formed the consortium, Brooke facilitated development of an integrated project plan fully aligned with the State Government’s Delivery Program, which set out how the project would be governed and delivered.

The project plan required integration of 10 plans: Project Management, Risk Management, Safety Management, Systems Engineering Management, System Safety, Manufacturing and Procurement, Verification, ICT Management, Test Management and Asset Management.

Brooke engagement manager, Brett Nan Tie, says: “The challenge was working across three parties based in Australia and Asia and under very tight time pressure. The State Government client was seeking further evidence that the three parties in the consortium could work together to deliver the tender outcome.

“In addition to developing the plans we worked with the consortium to establish an integrated management office to govern smooth delivery of the plan across all parties. At Brooke, we are outcome-focussed, so we knew that demonstrating how the plan would be governed was essential to provide the State Government with justified confidence that the aggressive timelines in the tender could be met. Our aim is to set up projects for success and, in this instance, the consortium was able to demonstrate to the State Government that they were capable of completing the large infrastructure project successfully and they won the bid.”