Brooke shakes up consulting sector

Moving away from traditional management consulting, senior business executives Lester Doecke, Jeroen Bolluijt and Brett Nan Tie have joined forces to launch Brooke, a unique professional services firm based in Sydney.

Brooke is dedicated to helping organisations manage complex change through a refreshing and new approach to management consulting. In the face of a faster moving business landscape and digitalisation, companies are increasingly confronted with complex change. Navigating an environment that is constantly changing, with higher risks due to tighter regulations, poses a challenge to many companies.

Brooke’s market entry announcement comes at a time when traditional consulting methods have become outdated. With the rise of the digital economy and the growing power of the consumer, businesses must embrace a different style of external expertise that is more evidence-based and data-driven, in order to solve their most complex problems.

Brooke will tackle the increasingly complex nature of business head-on, building capability through science. Using real-world solutions and an evidence-based methodology, Brooke will partner with organisations across the country, helping them achieve higher performance and best industry practice.

Brooke’s innovative approach to consulting has already been well-received, with interest growing in both local and global markets. The company has already won some major government and public sector contracts, including Sydney Water and Macquarie Bank.

Managing Director, Lester Doecke, says that many organisations try conventional consulting methods, only to find that a more real-world, evidence-based and tailored approach is needed.
“At this time of rapid change, innovation and technology have become integral to business growth; both now and in the future. But many organisations are unsure of how to proceed and manage the change that comes with the new digital economy.”

Mr Doecke says that Brooke offers an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to embrace new and adaptable consulting methods that will deliver real value and sustainable results.

“When a business is struggling to adapt, that’s where Brooke steps in—to provide organisations with the capabilities they need to navigate complex change. Organisations need to remain nimble and flexible in today’s complex business environment.”

About Brooke

Brooke is a professional services firm committed to giving organisations confidence and certainty in solving their most complex business problems, using real-world solutions and an evidence-based methodology. It draws upon robust data from its research partner, Brooke Institute, to turn insights into actions and deliver tangible and measurable results.

Brooke was founded by a group of senior business executives who recognised innovation, technology and a fast-paced environment has led to more complexity and uncertainty in business, meaning conventional consulting no longer works. Based in Sydney, Brooke has branches in Melbourne and Canberra.