Brooke selected to assist Netherlands’ largest reclamation projection: Port of Rotterdam

Brooke has been selected to conduct an organisational maturity assessment for Maasvlakte 2, a world-class reclamation project for the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The project is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in the Netherlands.

Port of Rotterdam ranks amongst the world’s largest and busiest ports, serving as a primary gateway to the European market. The Port has recently been overtaken in size by ports in China and Singapore.

To keep pace with other world-class ports—including European rivals Hamburg and Antwerp—as well as maintain its reputation for excellence, the Port of Rotterdam Authority will expand the Port. Due to limited space, the Port Authority will reclaim nearly 2000 hectares of land from the North Sea.

Brooke and its Dutch affiliate Oppidum will assist the Port Authority in performing a complexity analysis of the project. The analysis will determine the level of organisational maturity needed to yield the most beneficial balance between project portfolio performance and the expenditure of resources.

Brooke’s expertise in complex capability management will assist the Port Authority in measuring the “complexity cliff”. Using a data-driven, systematic methodology, Brooke will determine the complexity level at which project performance exceeds overall organisational maturity.

Ronald Paul, Port Authority COO and Project Director for Maasvlakte 2, said, “Maasvlakte 2 is a complex project because it is business-case driven. We have to achieve the optimum between what the market wants and what the government prescribes.”

Brooke’s Director of International Operations, Jeroen Bolluijt, said that when it comes to project portfolios with wide-ranging complexities, maintaining a ‘good enough’ organisational level is sufficient for achieving performance outcomes.

“The key lies in accurately assessing the overall complexity level of an organisation’s portfolio. After that, the correct target maturity level can be determined,” he said.

“When it comes to a project as varied and complex as Maasvlakte 2, it’s impossible to achieve high level management across all areas. If that was attempted, the company’s resources would almost instantaneously dry up. We will assist the Port Authority in creating an efficient, affordable project portfolio that maintains the Port’s long-standing tradition of excellence.”

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