Brooke leading way on risk and assurance globally

In today’s complex business world, 50% of large-scale projects statistically fail. To drive business value while minimising risk, management consulting firm Brooke are changing the status quo, implementing streamlined risk and assurance frameworks for local and international businesses.

Founded in 2013, Brooke have rapidly carved out a reputation as differentiated leaders and disruptors across the enterprise. Since inception, Brooke has facilitated successful transformation programs for organisations such as The Australian Department of Defence and Sydney Water, plus Amsterdam’s Port of Rotterdam project.

Backed by real-world experience in change management, the Brooke team are experts in designing operational models that deliver measurable and sustainable results.

“At Brooke, our core focus is on delivering value. We partner with organisations to tackle complex problems, starting by building relationships grounded in trust. We then apply deep industry insight to deliver real improvements where they are needed, whether it’s helping them fix a competency framework, manage controls on projects and contracts or facilitate a transformational change,” said Founding Partner, Lester Doecke.

In the face of digital disruption and economic uncertainty, many Australian businesses struggle to carve out a streamlined operational strategy. Many organisations are prioritising compliance and conformance frameworks, adding increasingly complex layers of assurance that not only costs the business, but can result in underperformance and even failure.

“In the last ten years in business, risk process has begun to overlap management process, but the fundamental success of the outcomes and its delivery is not getting any better,” said Mr Doecke.

“The greater the value an organisation wants, generally they’re exposing the business to greater risk. Organisations that don’t have good assurance systems sitting over their enterprise will continue to be in the underperforming category.”

Brooke’s unique methodology aims to maximise operational effectiveness while minimising risk.

“When it comes to business success, organisations need to look at both sides of the coin. One side is risk, the other side is value. We work with organisations to understand and minimise potential risks, driving higher performance through a solid assurance framework,” said Mr Doecke.

As we move into 2017, Brooke’s dedicated group of consultants will continue to deliver real-world solutions to complex business problems, facilitating strong and robust risk and assurance frameworks as well as contracts and commercial management, change programs and workforce optimisation.

About Brooke

Brooke is a professional services firm committed to giving organisations confidence and certainty in solving their most complex business problems, using real-world solutions and an evidence-based methodology. It draws upon robust data from its research partner, Brooke Institute, to turn insights into actions and deliver tangible and measurable results.

Brooke was founded by a group of senior business executives who recognised innovation, technology and a fast-paced environment has led to more complexity and uncertainty in business, meaning conventional consulting no longer works. Based in Sydney, Brooke has branches in Melbourne and Canberra.