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AXICOM rapidly improved decision making and customer trust through a holistic business digital solution

AXICOM’s goal was to improve customer’s experience and ease of doing business with Axicom as part of their commitment to customer centricity.

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Axicom asked Brooke to digitally enable the three tiers of customers to transact with Axicom by replacing its existing customer portal with a Salesforce customer portal that delivers a consistent communications medium that captures all customer interactions.

The Problem

Axicom engaged Brooke not only provide its technical expertise with the Salesforce platform but to assist them with the significant challenge of delivering a solution that would cater to Axicom’s complex, three-tiered customer interactions and integration with its internal systems. Axicom also identified that change management, both with its customers and internally, would be critical to the success of the project. Brooke was able to deploy its superior change management capability to ensure the successful uptake of the customer portal.

Thinking Differently

The value that Brooke delivered was in implementing a streamlined digital process and the larger program of organisational transformation. Through input from customers and internal stakeholder groups, the project defined and understood what success looked like for all parties. Brooke’s design-led approach helped develop an integrated, end-to-end application solution enabled by a customer portal built on a Salesforce platform. Piloting this solution with select customers and internal users, created a highly collaborative engagement, providing Axicom and their high value customers with confidence that the solution was meeting both the needs of customers and our staff.

Meaningful Results

The solution provided a streamlined process with a digital capability that made it easier for Axicom to deliver work and provided customers with self-service capabilities. Through greater transparency of information, Axicom enabled their customers with mechanisms to access relevant help and information to track, monitor and resolve queries quickly. Axicom’s customers have experienced increased satisfaction and trust with them. Through engaging their customer’s in the design process, the approach allowed Axicom to successfully renegotiate high value contracts with key stakeholders whose relationships have been reset by the solution.

By reducing the manual workload in the organisation, Axicom have redeployed resources to more strategic and value-add activities that are critical to executing their aggressive growth strategy.

This is actually a pretty special achievement…There were a lot of difficulties thrown in our way in terms of achieving this, not least of which was doing it in the middle of a pandemic, but we achieved it essentially on schedule.


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