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Managing multiple mind-numbingly detailed contracts whilst trying to keep major projects on track is a big ask for any organisation. The pitfalls are many and the consequences expensive.

Fortunately, Brooke offers cost-effective technologies and services that ensure you get the most out of your contracts, whilst ensuring you cover all contractual requirements and avoid damaging compliance issues.

Brooke delivers contract management confidence through Contract Performance, Contract-Project Alignment and Contract Compliance.

Contract Performance

Read almost any procurement contract and the clauses managing down-side risks and contractual failure far outnumber performance measures aimed at maximising the up-side value.

Unfortunately, this can mean that the moment an issue arises the contractual relationship falls into negative spiral. Parties to the agreement get stuck in a win-lose tug of war, and lose sight of the contract outcomes that they sought in the first place.

We provide an independent assessment of each party’s performance against contractual and value-maximising metrics using an industry-first customised online portal. This allows each party to hold the other accountable and work together to generate more value.

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Contract-Project Alignment

Managing projects is a balancing act. With 1,001 things on your to do list, the last thing you need is to be caught out by a contractual requirement that was somehow overlooked and left out of the schedule.

Checking that the schedule and the contract align can be tedious, but as projects and contracts become ever more complex, project managers are increasingly required to prove that they have covered the relevant contractual requirements.

Our cutting-edge digital assets provide rapid and independent assurance that your contract and project are aligned.

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Contract Compliance

Let’s face it, managing contracts is a full-time challenge in itself. The last thing you need is to find out that amidst a multitude of contract negotiations a vital procurement requirement has slipped through the cracks and been left unmet.

No one wants to add hours of expensive legal fees cross-checking contracts, or face an audit without a full record of compliances covered.

By employing an industry-first digital toolset and a forward-thinking methodology, we help provide independent assurance that your contracts are 100% compliant — and turn potential ‘surprises’ into opportunities.

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