A Future Supplier Engagement Model

The Problem

Our Government client had been evolving with regulatory changes but their relationships with industry had fallen behind. Everyone was working towards different goals, the supply chain was complex and the existing contract with the prime contractor was due to expire.

Brooke helped our client engage differently with industry to deliver the necessary outcomes for the client, within a short time frame and without service interruption. We did this by working closely with our client to define the outcome they needed and ensure the requirements for a future contract and operating model would deliver them what they needed. We asked the market to help fill the gaps for the solution against the requirements by undertaking a two-step procurement process. Once an industry partner was selected, together with our client we worked with them to develop an integrated enterprise operating model that eliminated organisational silos, encouraged collaboration and transparency and continuous improvement.

Meaningful Results

Using Brooke’s collaborative enterprise approach, we were able to deliver a stronger supply chain, increased knowledge transfer from industry, a 50% reduction in the project schedule, 30% reduction in procurement costs for both the government and industry and a 40% reduction in overheads that equates to approximately $125 million over the life of the 15 year contract.

This project won the 2019 Essington Lewis Award and noted the following in the Australian Defence Magazine:

“The work done by the Amphibious Combat and Sealift SPO (ACSSPO) and SME Brooke Global saw the team develop an integrated supplier engagement model (SEM) to look after every aspect of the Canberra class LHDs,” according to the judges. “The former support arrangements were highly transactional in nature with the new model aiming for true partnership between Defence and Industry. ACSPO worked hand in hand with Brooke Global to deliver a reformed framework that delivered significant savings to the Commonwealth.”



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