2/5 must-avoid mistakes for business survival: issue banking

By Bruce McGregor

Even in the best of times, every organisation has a backlog of issues that is like a pile of dirty laundry that never gets washed. We keep throwing more issues on the pile and hope that they will eventually “wash” themselves. As a result, workarounds and rework become embedded as normal and we stop noticing them. Because they accumulate over time, we don’t notice the drag that they create on organisational performance. We also lose sight of the connections between the issues. We are blind to how unwieldy they make the organisation.

All of our organisations are facing unprecedented challenges. We can’t just “bank” these issues and wait for the good times to return before we fix them, particularly with new issues arising every day – we may not survive that long. What we need now is fast action on issues that have a common thread. We need to identify root causes and prioritise based on our visions or goals, then work hard to solve the priority issues that hinder us achieving those visions or goals.

We are all learning how to alter our daily routine and develop new ways of working. This must include addressing bad habits that we, and our businesses, have fallen into. We need to take action and create new habits to solve our business issues today and tomorrow.

Shifting thinking

Brooke has an answer to this challenge- Shift Rapid Problem Solving lab (SHIFT). SHIFT produces fantastic results for our clients and it can be run online or face-to-face. So you don’t need to wait to get your teams back together physically to achieve transformative organisation change.

For the last 2 years Brooke has been providing clients with a dedicated service that combines independent facilitation, cutting-edge methodologies and tools to help them solve their most complex problems, fast. The SHIFT process combines the best elements of co-creation, collaboration, design thinking and problem solving, and accelerates them in truly unique online or face-to-face sessions.

If you are reading this, the odds are you are in a role that includes accountability for implementing decisions quickly and ensuring that the right outcomes are achieved. Trying to make this happen on a platform riddled with side-stepped issues is a recipe for disaster. Get in contact to learn how SHIFT can help you deal with the dirty washing and achieve these challenging objectives during challenging times.