5 must-avoid mistakes for business survival: knee-jerking

By Bruce McGregor

In times of crisis and unprecedented change there is enormous pressure on leaders to take swift and decisive action. However, it’s critical to avoid “knee-jerk” reactions that fix an immediate issue but in doing so create more serious problems than they solve. Survival of the business could be at stake.

One of the areas that can affect business survival is in IT and the use of technology, where decision makers face significant new problems – on top of their existing ones!

If you are in any way responsible for policy setting and operational oversight, then no doubt you are being confronted with difficult issues like:

  • Maintaining data security and privacy while providing remote access;
  • Completing critical upgrades and enhancements while preparing for possible hibernation;
  • Maintaining critical infrastructure and services in the face of an avalanche of constantly changing business demands and priorities.

In circumstances like we have now, knee jerk decisions significantly increase the risk of unintentionally impacting business capability or end up loading cost onto the business which can threaten its very survival.

With IT and support services also working remotely it’s even harder to make sure that everyone in the team is singing from the same song sheet.

It’s no good just making unilateral decisions and imposing them – that won’t work. Instead you need to mobilise your team behind understanding problems and root causes, finding solutions, resetting priorities and taking accountability to implement decisions quickly. In times like this business survival depends on the right outcomes being achieved.

This means developing a brand-new set of disciplines and behaviours around working together. This presents another problem – you haven’t got time or space to develop these new behaviours from scratch and to find out what works and what doesn’t – this is where Brooke can help.

For the last 2 years Brooke has been providing clients with a dedicated service that combines independent facilitation, cutting-edge methodologies and tools to help them build geographically dislocated teams that solve their most complex problems, fast. The Shift Rapid Problem Solving lab  combines the best elements of co-creation, collaboration, design thinking and problem solving, and accelerates them in truly unique online sessions.